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The UK is sweltering in a heatwave due to last the whole week. And there is an increasing demand for Air conditioning units.

Why is it so hot now?

A subtropical high-pressure system called the Azores High, which usually sits off Spain, has grown larger and pushed farther north. As a result, we are experiencing higher temperatures coming into the to the UK, and other countries. The UK is likely to cool slightly during the middle of the week. In fact, according to sources at the Met Office this is because cooler air pushes down from the north. However, southern England is still likely to experience temperatures in the high 20s.

Furthermore, winds are expected to turn southerly, so hot air from north Africa and the Sahara will be brought upwards. Coming to the end of the week temperatures will be close to 40C-45C across Spain and France. Subsequently, when we get a southerly wind, the UK will likely experience some of that heat from those countries.

In fact, Long July days and short nights mean strong sunshine builds up high temperatures, with night-time lows potentially being above 20C in central England and affecting sleep.

How hot will it get?

There is a strong chance of the hottest day of the year so far occurring this week 32.7C recorded at Heathrow on 17 June. However, there is also a chance of the all-time UK record being beaten – 38.7C recorded in Cambridge University Botanic Garden in July 2019.

For more information on heatwaves in the UK and the rising temperatures check out our previous article.

What are the dangers how can air con units help?

Dehydration and Heatstroke are main risks to health, particularly affecting young children and elderly people. The UK Health Security Agency issued a level 3 alert for the south and east of England and a level 2 alert for the south-west, Midlands, north-west and Yorkshire and the Humber regions.

Here are benefits we mentioned in our 0% VAT on air con units article that are now even more relevant with the rising heat temperatures.

Better night’s sleep when using air con units

With little control of the temperature in your bedroom it can be hard to sleep! Air-con can provide a comfortable room temperature throughout the night helping you to stay cool during the hot summer nights. Air con can also be used to stay warm this is useful during winter, where you can switch the settings onto heating and stay warm during the cold winters.

Air con units can help improve your productivity

Air conditioning can help improve your productivity levels during your day-to-day tasks. Your body will be able to retain the energy it might usually use to assist in cooling you down and regulating your body temperature in hot weather. In an air-conditioned environment, your body can retain this energy, so you’ll put that extra energy into your tasks!

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