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Increasing demand for Air conditioning units in the UK ecoclimatesolutions

Air conditioning units are becoming more popular in the UK.

Temperatures are rising in the UK with longer more intense heat waves to come.

Consequently, Air conditioning units in the UK are becoming increasingly popular.

In fact,  a report by Britain’s Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy found that only 5% of homes in Britain have aircon.

Big retailers, such as Sainsbury’s and Amazon, reported sales of electric fans and aircon units have risen over the past few months.

Online searches for aircon systems and fans quadrupled as people in Britain searched for relief from the heat.

The importance of dealing with the rising heat

Rising temperatures are causing heat-related dangers to become frequent. The UK has put in place precautions, such as £5,000 fines for drivers not using aircon during a heatwave.

Thousands of people including the elderly are still at risk of heat-related deaths.

There are 2,000 reported deaths related to hot weather annually.

However, unless changes are made that number is set to rise by 257%.

Experts claim climate change is the reason for the rising temperatures. Here is how the UK is preparing for climate change.

Better management of the UK infrastructure

The BCIA said the recent heatwaves in the UK showed the need for effective HVACR systems.

HVACR systems help to manage overheating risks in buildings. These heatwaves have seen temperatures rise above 40 degrees for the first time in the UK.

As a result, concerns regarding whether we have the infrastructure to cope with the record temperatures are rising. The President of the BCIA  said both old and new structures across the country should be better managed.

Better management will insure that buildings meet the challenges bought to us by the rising temperatures.

Consequently, It is important to make sure your AC unit will perform at its best all year round. Identify problems with your Aircon unit or simply Book service of your AC unit and get your AC serviced by a professional.

With AC you will not have to worry about rising temperatures. AC will maintain a cool temperature in your home.

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Benefits to aircon

There are many benefits to having aircon and is more than just cooling you down. An aircon unit can keep you warm, productive, safe, and more.

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