Chiller Maintenance works in London

When it comes to Chiller Maintenance, chillers contain hundreds of kilos of refrigerant gases that require regular leak check tests. Regular leak checking can prevent costly refrigerant replacement works. It is critical to ensure that only an F-gas qualified professional carries out these works, furthermore it is also a legal obligation to record a mandatory log for all of the plants on your site containing refrigerant gas


Watch the video below of our engineers performing a major Chiller Maintenance in London. Our engineers follow a detailed planned maintenance schedule performing checks and logs across all the chiller components. In the featured chiller works, due to visible signs of refrigerant oil leaks, we performed the following remedial works: 


  • Reclaimed and weighed refrigerant from all circuits
  • OFN Pressure leak testing
  • Oil Sample analysis of each circuit
  • Replacement Parts: Liquid Line Filter Drier Core, Oil and Oil filter 

The chiller was operating with inadequate water flow found as part of our simultaneous Chilled Water Balancing works. 


In most cases, a chiller maintenance engineer would look at the chiller circuits alone, however, our engineers are CIBSE trained in water balancing, giving us the edge when performing your Chiller Maintenance works. 


The chillers cooling demand is dependent on the closed water circuit flowing through the chiller. The water cycles through a constant pumped flow and return circuit set at a desired set point. In the case here, the water flows through the chiller evaporator setpoint of 5c, providing chilled water to air handlers and fan coil units. 


Maintaining the chilled water design flow

Maintaining the chilled water design flow in line with the chillers required flow is essential. Low water flow issues could cause the chiller evaporating pressures to drop and cut out the chiller. It is equally important to ensure the water itself contains an anti-freezing Glycol additive. This particular chilled water circuit has additional, low outdoor ambient heating elements on the external pipework, therefore reducing the chances of the water freezing within the pipework. 



Chiller maintenance leak testing is an essential part of planned preventative maintenance. Chiller contains pressure devices that in the event of abnormal pressure readings, they will cause the chiller to shut down. 


When chiller condenser coils are not regularly cleaned, blockages cause high pressure. This could also occur if condenser fans were to fail. Pressure cut out devices sometimes also become faulty, resulting in the last fail-safe of releasing high-pressure gas through the pressure release valve. The pressure release valve is the last fail-safe that protects the system from major compressor damage, an explosion of pipe and connected devices. The pressure release valve is a mechanical device that will activate at a pressure set point. When the pressures rise above the PRV (pressure release valve) allowance pressure it will deposit the chiller gas until the pressure falls back to normal. 


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