Server Room Air Conditioning

ECS are experts in the installation, maintenance and repair of critical data centre Server Room Air Conditioning. Our engineers have decades of experience and training in working on critical Close Control Air Conditioning. We are experienced in close control downflow Air Conditioning systems working across all brands specifically Airedale, Denco and Uniflair. 


In today’s era of technology, DATA is everything!¬†


ECS understands the importance of maintaining stable temperatures and humidity in critical data centres. Furthermore, this is the most critical component of all Service Level Agreements. We maintain some of of the largest data centres in London, home to server sites for large corporations like Amazon and Google. We offer Commercial Air Conditioning Installation as well as commercial maintenance of Down Flow Server Room Air Conditioning systems. Dealing with critical sites means having a call out engineers around the clock ready to attend emergency call-outs. We can offer our clients this service as part of a maintenance contract, with a dedicated and manned 24hr call out contact number. 


 Critical Data Centre Environments

Even the smallest Server Room spaces need careful consideration when it comes to the Air Conditioning system design. It is normal practice to have Server Room Air Conditioning systems that run in tandem with another identical back up system. The systems require setting via time clocks to split the operation run hours equally between the two. This is a very old, but still the best method of sharing the cooling load and increasing the systems life. The sizing of each individual system must be adequate to maintain the room temperature itself, while the other system sits in standby. This method offers the option to shut down individual systems to allow repairs or maintenance works. During the Air Conditioning Repair works the other system is in full operation and still able to maintain the room temperature. 


Wall-mounted Server Room split systems

In smaller Server Rooms the use of specific Server Room wall mounted split systems is often installed. The indoor units look like normal wall mounted fan coils, however, they need configuring for lower outdoor ambients and higher indoor temps. A typical Air Conditioning split system is usually only required to provide cooling during warm seasonal months of the year. 


As a result, the manufacturers design the systems to operate just within these requirements. Anything more would create increased and unnecessary manufacturing. With Server Room Air Conditioning it is essential to provide cooling all year round, despite it being -5c outside in Winter. Standard Air Conditioning designed for the UK will stop being able to provide cooling at the indoor unit if the outdoor temperature drops to -5c. Therefore with Server Room Air Conditioning split systems, the manufacturers configure them to operate right down as low as -30c, sometimes lower depending on the country. 


Another consideration is that Server Room air humidity can get very low and this causes static electric interference with the servers. This is why Server Room designed Air Conditioning split systems work at higher refrigerant evaporating temperatures. Standard Air Con evaporating temperatures create increased dew point temperature condensation on the cooling coils. Therefore drying out the room temperature more and causing low humidity issues. 


Humidity solutions

Commercial close control Sever Room ac systems have built-in humidity top-up systems built into the air supply, however, this requires a permanent water supply to a solenoid that opens to fill the humidity bottles. These bottles boil off the water like a kettle would and just like a kettle, they scale up very quickly if the water supply quality is hard. It is therefore important that as part of every maintenance visit, the humidifier bottles get changed out for new ones. 


Watch the video below on Youtube for more information on Server Room Air Conditioning, where our Senior Service Manager¬†investigates the ‘Uniflair’ Downflow Units.¬†

Service requirements

Due to the critical nature of Server Room Air Conditioning systems, quarterly service visits are essential. ECS offer exclusive discounted rates to our contractual customers and a 24hr call out service where required. Server Room Air Conditioning maintenance visits will consist of visits broken into major and minor works. See an example of the service items performed as part of our contractual service: 


Minor Maintenance:

    • Check all controller mode functions
    • Check all isolation switches
    • Test and check all thermostats
    • Check and record all air temperatures
    • Clean all condenser and evaporator coils

Major Maintenance:

    • Check all controller mode functions
    • Clean all condenser and evaporator coils
    • Check all isolation switches
    • Test and check thermostats
    • Check all electrical connections
    • Record and check all air temperatures
    • Check all fan motors and insulation
    • Record amperage readings and check compressor insulation
    • Check contact relays, pubs and overloads where necessary
    • Record and check all refrigerant pressures
    • Check condensate pumps and drainage
    • Leak test all refrigerant connections
    • Replace all filters

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