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Air Conditioning Repair

£95 +VAT per hour call out for Air Conditioning Repair.
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ALL initial fault finding investigation costs are free if the repair works are undertaken with ECS!


We offer competitive rates on Air Conditioning repair of all manufacturers:


All our engineers are qualified across the full spectrum of HVAC,  from small Residential Air Conditioning to large Commercial Air Conditioning systems. Additionally, ECS is experienced in close control server room Air Conditioning which includes humidification and building management control integration.


Climate control systems are generally operating continuously meaning regular servicing and maintenance should be managed under contract. When climate control systems have been left without service for long periods they become a serious health and environmental hazards. Building regulations stipulate that all Air Conditioning systems containing fluorinated gases must be leak tested every six months. As part of our servicing contracts, we clean all the coils, filters and perform leak tests on all your AC plant.


Air Conditioning Repair prices

Air Conditioning repair prices vary dependent on the fault and costs involved in repairing the equipment. It is more cost-effective to replace systems that are out of warranty and not had a regular service visit. As a guide, most companies like ourselves charge £65ph for an engineer to perform any repair or maintenance task.


A full day rate for an engineer and assistant on-site in London is likely to be in the region of £550-£800+vat per day. In addition, the cost of the replacement parts and gases can be more costly than the cost of replacing the whole system for brand new. 

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What if I buy my own air conditioning unit and it requires repair?

Sometimes the online purchase price of a home Air Conditioner can seem more attractive than the price you have been quoted by Air Conditioning Installers. 


We suggest you consider and get the answers to the following questions to make an informed spend:

  • What will it cost to have this ac unit installed?
  • Who will hold the manufacturer’s warranty on this unit?
  • What happens in the event that there is a fault¬†immediately with this unit or¬†during the 3-5 year¬†manufacturers warranty?


With any mechanical purchase that requires custom installation, it is better in the long term to have the labour and parts warranty held with one company.


At ECS, we provide full repair and replacement of any faulty parts on Air Conditioning Installation purchased from us. 


Therefore in the event of a failure, one call to us and we will schedule the next available engineer to visit with all the Air Conditioning repairs covered at no extra cost. Additionally, the systems will be serviced yearly by our engineers to ensure they are running smoothly. 


Most common repairs

1. Compressors:

Compressors are the most costly repair part to change out of a climate control system. 


The compressor pumps the gas that provides the cooling or heating, depending on what operational mode has been selected. Compressors working at higher pressures than designed to function at, usually have the most expensive repair costing. Blocked heat exchanger coils due to lack of or no servicing are normally the cause of compressor failures.


2. Fan motors:

Commercial Air Conditioning fan motors, however, are also at the top of the list for Air Conditioning repairs. Air Conditioning system fan blades should be kept clean and free from weighty debris that stresses the fan motor windings to fail. 


Large commercial ventilation fan motors need their bearings greased regularly to prevent failure.


3. Printed circuit boards:

PCB‚Äôs are not just costly but it‚Äôs also necessary to change multiple PCBs’ at any one time when there is a control failure. The control boards work hand in hand with the main inverter PCB powering the compressor. If the compressor fails you also have to change the PCB that powers it. ¬†Furthermore, a compressor working at higher pressures, due to blocked condenser coils, will pull more electrical current and damage its power board.


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