Electrical Safety Certificate | NICEIC CERTIFIED

Do you know that failure to provide a landlord’s electrical safety certificate can lead to prosecution? 


The Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) also known by many as an electrical safety certificate. The EICR is for the testing of fixed wire installations throughout a property. The electrical circuits, not the connected appliances, will go through a physical testing process. 


Over time old electrical circuit cables will need replacing due to wear. On very old electrics the physical cables will produce varying hazardous situations that can result in fire. It is therefore essential that periodically electrical circuits are tested for their safety to use. 


Our electrical installation works come with a 12month guarantee. 




Our electricians are fully trade accredited approved contractors with NICEIC


What will my EICR identify?:

  • Overloading of fixed wire circuits
  • Incorrect earth
  • Insulation issues presenting a potential electric shock
  • Fire risk
  • Required remedial works, circuits to be replaced


Why do you need an electrical safety certificate? 


It is your duty to ensure the safety of the users of the electrical circuits. Furthermore, every three to five years it is recommended you should have a full electrical inspection. Our engineers will investigate the state of the electrical wiring throughout the property and thoroughly check the safety of the electrical installation. A digital EICR will be issued on completion of the electrical testing. The declaration will state whether the electrics meet safety standards and if any remedial electrical repair works will be required. 


Failure to provide a Landlord electrical safety certificate can lead to prosecution. 


Additionally, appliances should be tested as part of electrical safety testing works. Portable appliance testing also known as “PAT” testing should be done every 48 months. 


Landlords take note this includes the following items; 


  • Fridges
  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Fire risk

Over time appliances electrical circuits can deteriorate and pose a risk of electrical shock. Therefore, it is equally important to test portable appliances connected to your electrical installations. 


– Homeowners should carry out an EICR every 10 years.
– Residential Landlords now need to complete these at the renewal of new tenancies
– Commercial landlords should undertake an EICR when remedial works and new circuits are installed. 


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