Air Conditioning Installation Prices

ECS Air Conditioning Installation Prices have dropped… We are now the most competitively priced supplier of Air Conditioning Installation within the market! 


2.5kw system – from £1700

3.5kw system – from £1800

A small residential installation can be completed in as little as half a day from start to finish. It is often the case after installing AC in one room of the house, that our customers proceed to do other rooms. This is because of the realisation of the improved air quality that is literally life-changing! 

If you aren’t an ECS maintenance customer and have an old ac system that hasn’t been serviced and smells, you may want to clean the filters yourself now. Watch our  DIY guide to servicing your air conditioning?  This may temporarily help with a smelly ac system . However we do recommend a professional service to check the entire system and gas charge.

Most Air Conditioning systems will have frequent use all year round with the ability to heat and cool. Air Conditioning systems can also save you money off your energy bills in the winter when used for heating. In turn, with all that extra use, it is important to get your system regularly serviced. This will prevent the filters and coils from becoming blocked with dirt and deadly legionnaires.

Call us today for one free complimentary service visit if you take out a two-year maintenance contract today.  The free service will be automatically flagged on our system in 6 months’ time. We will then contact you for access, so your ac is always kept clean, fresh and maintained ready for safe use.

How do ac units work?

AC units can also dehumidify, stopping damp that may be building up in a room. Additionally, AC units have microfilters that remove dust and allergens from the air. This is perfect for people suffering from hay fever or any allergies. Furthermore, not only do they cool in the summer but they also provide energy-efficient heating in the winter months.

Air Conditioning Installation prices

Air Conditioning prices have dropped over the years as Residential Air Conditioning units have become more competitively priced. Therefore there is no better time to take advantage of these price drops. There were limited competitive AC supplier options pre-2000, but now there is a huge range of manufacturers. As one of the top-rated and best Air Conditioning Installers in London, ECS only work with manufacturers with proven warranty validation and technical helplines. We offer extensive warranty periods subject to a regular service contract. On average, an AC unit service price will cost from £99+vat per visit. Two service visits per year are a standard recommendation period and will validate all warranties.

Current Air Conditioning Prices

Every home Air Conditioning Installation varies and will, therefore, affect the Air Conditioning Installation price. At ECS we will price your building work repairs to any stud walls that we have accessed in order to conceal the pipework during installation. Upon completion of the AC installation, our build contractor will immediately begin all the cosmetic repair work. This is an additional service we offer from our partner build company and will manage through to completion. Take away from the stress of finding a reliable builder. Let us manage your domestic Air Conditioning fit out today – GET QUOTE NOW