Residential Air Conditioning Installation

Residential Air Conditioning Installation From £799

Residential Air Conditioning Installation.

Do you require a Residential Air Conditioning Installation that heats, cools, and ventilates?

Look no further…

We supply low cost Residential Air Conditioning Installations that are Whisper quiet with state of the art built in technology. There are a number of ways to add wireless connectivity to a system. This will allow full control of your heating and cooling now supplied directly from our manufacturers. Residential Air Conditioning systems can provide heating too. However, unlike conventional electric heaters it is more efficient by only using a quarter of energy for the same heat output. Heating from air conditioning is also immediate and makes use of room thermostats to quickly turn on and off in operation.

All Residential Air Conditioning can therefore reduce your heating energy bills and provide a child friendly setting in the home.


Concealed Residential Air Conditioning Installation.

Concealed Air Conditioning is achieved by providing cooling and heating through insulated ducts. We fit the ducts in your walls, ceiling voids and under floors. In the actual room you will only see the frameless grills as the image above shows.

This style of Air Conditioning requires some hand in hand building works to hide these ducts on fitting completion. We can supply a number of various grill styles and custom colours to your taste. Therefore, allowing us to be able to offer a huge amount of choice when it comes to the final fit-out look. See our partners for build services at Diligent Development for more information.


Wall Mounted Residential Air Conditioning Installation.

Residential wall mounted Air Conditioning can be one of the best and cheapest one day jobs. These systems are great for small and large rooms with a simple operating controller. Furthermore, they need very little maintenance and we encourage our clients to clean the filters often to reduce our service visits.

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