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Britain could be experiencing its hottest day ever recorded this week!

Some parts of the UK are currently experiencing rising temperatures! With the potential of a 40° heatwave on the way 

A heatwave is when weather temperatures rise above the expected conditions of the area for that time of year. A UK heatwave threshold is met when temperatures exceed the average temperature threshold for three consecutive days. Heatwaves are considered extreme weather conditions and research has shown that climate change is making them more likely. With the rising heat, a lot of families with young children/pets are being warned that they are at risk. However, with aircon units you can avoid many of the issues caused from the rising heat temperatures.

Here’s everything you need to know on how Aircon units can help you.

England and Wales will see most of the heat, with temperatures staying hot for up to 10 days.

Drivers have been warned that the surfaces they’re driving on may not be as solid as they think due to the heat. As the weather gets hotter and hotter this heatwave could reach temperature levels that make the roads melt.

Many areas will see the heat rise to 30°C, while some places could find it gets as hot as 35°C.

Starting from 9am on Monday, a Level Three Heat Health Alert has been put into place by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) for the southeast.

Temperatures could reach 33°C on Tuesday, while parts of the southeast, including London, could hit 35°C over the weekend.

What can I do to prepare for the rising temperatures?

The Met Office has said that there is currently a 30% chance Britain could be experiencing its hottest day ever on Sunday. This would see temperatures surpassing the current record of 38.7°C, which was recorded in Cambridge University Botanic Garden on July 25, 2019.

Dr Agostinho Sousa, the health protection and extreme events at UKHSA has advised people to take simple precautions to protect themselves in the heat.

Firstly by covering windows exposed to direct sunlight stopping the sun from heating up the environment so easily. Secondly, ensuring your fridges, freezers and fans are working properly.

Now may be a better time than ever to make sure your Aircon units are performing at there best. Check out our article on How to identify problems with your Aircon unit or Book a service of your AC unit to get your system serviced by a professional ready for the heatwave.

How can Aircon Units help facilitate my battle against the rising temperatures?

The UK is about to experience a heatwave that could last for up to 10 days! There is also the possibility of the hottest day ever recorded in the UK around the corner. Is now the right time for that air conditioning install you’ve always wanted?

With an AC installation you wouldn’t have to worry about the rising temperatures. AC will help to maintain a constant cool temperature in your home environment.

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