Have you just purchased or are you considering purchasing an electric vehicle? 

 Want to charge your electric vehicle at an off street parking location at home?

Here’s all you need to know about home ev charger installation!

From £799

Supplied and Installed


• 7kW AC Charger

2 Year Warranty

• Smart Compatibility

• 1-phase

• 7kW/32A

• 50/60Hz

• 40A (32A station)

• APP or RFID Card

• Wi-Fi 

• IP 65

• RCD TYPE B Built in

• PEN fault protection

• Tethered 5M TYPE-2 Connector

• Dimensions 310x220x95 (HxWxD, mm)

Home EV Charger Installation Requirements

• Minimum 240v single phase power

Your own off-street parking Driveway/Garage

Have a Wi-Fi connection

What type of charger do I need?

Your car will come with a charging cable supplied by the manufacturer.

This cable allows you to plug your car into a 3pin domestic socket.

This is the slowest form of charging taking up to 2 days to fully charge some vehicles.

A wall box 7kw home ev charger installation can provide a full charge in an average 12 hours.

Offering the perfect overnight ev charging solution for you.

What is the fastest ev charger I can get for my home?

A 7kw ev charger will be the fastest type of charger for a small /medium size property.

Larger homes who have 3 phase power supply can install bigger chargers.

If you have 3 phase power at your home we would recommend a 22kw Business EV Charger Installation.

Depending on your ev battery these see full charging times of 6-8 hours on average.

If a more powerful home ev charger installation is required, power supply upgrades will need be made.

The price for this will vary and have greater cost impacts.

The home charging speed also depends on the vehicles on-board charger.

If your vehicle has an 11kw AC on-board charger then that is the maximum it will receive.

Therefore even if a 22kw AC ev charger was plugged in you will only receive 11kw.

Public DC rapid chargers offer faster ev charging solutions.

The speed is again depending on the type of ev on-board DC charger.

Why opt for a more premium smart home ev smart charger?

Full control of your charger from phone app!

•  Initiate charge remotely

•  Set timed charging to avoid peak electric tariff charging hour

•  Access to our full network of public ev charger

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No Quibble next day replacement warranty

Your home ev charger operation is critical as all electric car owners are aware.

If the charger fails this can leave you unable to drive your ev.

The home ev charger installation must be performed by proficient installers.

Ensuring the right circuit breakers are installed by a qualified electrician .

It is also critical in the event of a charger fault, that the policy on replacement, is a smooth quick process.

ECS work directly with CAR-CHARGER.UK in ensuring this will happen.

No third party warranty validation once your failed charger has been inspected by the supplier.

We simply come out and swap out the ev charger to ensure our clients stay mobile.