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Air Conditioning Installation Contractor in Bromley 

Here at ECS, we offer Air Conditioning Installation, EV Charger Installation and Electrical Services in Bromley and the surrounding counties. We strive to maintain the highest standards with highly trained engineers combined with over 35 years of experience. Our Air Conditioning Installation surveyors are able to provide full HVAC and custom ventilation design. 


Additionally, we also offer a free Air Conditioning Service on all new Residential Air Conditioning installation referrals.   

How Quickly Can AC Be Installed?

In OCT 2018, ECS became a Daikin Air Conditioning accredited D1 partner. What does this mean for our new customers?

We can now offer up to 5 years warranty* on your Air Conditioning Installation subject to a yearly servicing contract. Also as a Daikin D1 partner, we have manufacturer priority access, to technical assistance and parts in the event of a fault with your system. This means we complete Air Conditioning Repairs quicker and essentially, we get your climate control back up and running faster. Ensuring to offer minimum disturbance during the peak summer and winter seasons to your family. 


Daikin has for many years been the industry-leading manufacturer. Focusing solely on the manufacturing, production and advancement of Air Conditioning technology. With the correct maintenance, 99.9% of Daikin AC units will never suffer a major system failure.


Additionally, the Daikin 5 year warranty will give you further peace of mind and assurance. Daikin systems offer the highest energy efficiency and lowest noise ratings in the industry. 


We supply and install ‘Mitsubishi Heavy Industry’ air conditioning systems as an alternative pricing option. Mitsubishi air conditioning systems have a manufacturers three year parts warranty.  The Mitsubishi wall mounted air conditioning range has rapidly become the preferred bedroom air conditioning solution. Wall mounted air conditioning units are the most competitive in price and the quickest to install. 


Whisper-quiet Air Conditioning Installation Solutions…

Air Conditioning Installation was once seen as part of the luxury home design, a feature that was only used in the summer. However, this has changed due to the ever-growing, overcrowded home build sector. Build companies are now producing heavily insulated but poorly ventilated homes. As a result, this has created an increase in the demand for Residential Air Conditioning in city areas. This is a result of many new build homes having high spring/summer temperatures due to the heavy building insulation. Planning permission boards will on occasion deny Air Conditioning Installation of the outdoor condenser part of the system. This does sometimes cause short delays, however we can help you with this! With our guidance and assistance managing this process, we often get landlords and tenants their council approval within weeks.


Our Air Conditioning Installation Services

ECS is a Bromley-based Climate Control and Air Conditioning Installer of carbon footprint reducing Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Heating systems.


ECS is also an installer for manufacturers such as Mitsubishi and Hitachi. These are the leading industry giants when it comes to Air Conditioning Manufacturers. In turn, their design focus is placed on the low noise quality Residential Air Conditioning. Furthermore, their research into Commercial Air Conditioning applications has developed renewable air source heat pump technology, which is second to none.


At ECS we train our engineers through all areas of Air Conditioning Installation and we work between the smaller Residential Air Conditioning installation sector to large Commercial Air Conditioning installation in the public sector. Our engineers have over 40 years of experience in the Air Conditioning Installation field. As a result, we can also design and install Custom Air Conditioning Systems to fit small spaces. A project manager will be able to give a solution, even where it may not normally be possible to fit an outdoor condensing unit. In some cases at an additional cost, we install acoustic noise-reducing housing, to deliver planning approved noise dB ratings in the space.


Small Air Conditioning Installation space?

Not a problem, we also supply small single fan outdoor Air Conditioning Systems. These systems will be capable of cooling and heating your entire home. As with all Air Conditioning Installation projects, different methods of install and design will be needed. When it comes to small space custom Air Conditioning… this is what we do BEST.




Chilled Water Balancing

Is your commercial building suffering from cold draft spots? Do you have an old heated and chilled water circulating system?


Old mechanical water systems installed during the original construction of your building require more than just a basic AC service. The water circuits need treating for bacteria and scaling. Strainers need regular cleaning and water flow rates need balancing throughout the system.


 At ECS we have engineers that have undergone intensive training in the latest chilled water balancing techniques and the use of digital metering tools.

Watch our video of our engineers here performing a Trane major chiller maintenance in London, also why not follow our video library in YouTube to see more self-help  “How To’s" in line with our new exciting electrical services we are specialising in for 2020!

Clean Precision Retrofit Air Conditioning Installation

Firstly did you know that 9/10 Air Conditioning Installations are in retro fit situations into homes with completely decorated walls and finished floors.


This is why all our Air Conditioning Contractors arrive equipped with the latest high-end tools and equipment. This helps to ensure we complete the job faster, smoother and with minimal disturbance to your home.


The latest and greatest tools we use are by premium tool brand Makita because they are core innovators in the world of cordless power tools. With the Makita cordless backpack vacuum and the cordless drywall cutter combination, we are able to stop debris and dust spread whilst we cut into dry plaster walls. This means minimal clean up time and maximum efficiency. At times a lot of the dust and debris is unseen especially if it’s behind the walls which can cause irritations, allergies and respiratory problems, however, we eliminate all of that. Less mess is always best.


Our huge range of premium-grade tools are the best in the industry. They aid the tasks at hand to provide extreme professional quality. ECS also provides tutorials on how to use these tools, therefore, if you’re interested in learning how we use them in an Air Conditioning Installation project why not head over to our HVAC Videos Page for more information.

Watch our video guide here on using the Makita drywall cutter and backpack vacuum as used by ECS engineers.