Air Conditioning Installation Contractors in London

Here at ECS we offer complete Air Conditioning Installation, along side custom ventilation design, across London and the surrounding counties. We offer a competitive quote matching and price beating service on all quotes provided by competitors. Furthermore, we also offer a free Air Conditioning Service on all new Residential Air Conditioning installations.

Whisper quiet Air Conditioning Installation Solutions…

Air conditioning installation in London was once seen as part of the luxury home design which was only used in the summer. This has changed due to the growing congested home build sector producing heavily insulated but poorly ventilated homes. This has created a rise in the need for Residential Air Conditioning in city areas. Mostly because many new build homes have high spring and summer temperatures due to the heavy building insulation. Planning permission boards will on occasion deny air conditioning installation of the outdoor condenser part of the system which does sometimes cause delays.  However, with our help in managing this process, we often get landlords and tenants their council approval within weeks.

Our Air Conditioning Installation Services

ECS is is a London-based Climate Control and Air Conditioning Installer of carbon footprint reducing Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Heating systems.

ECS is an installer for manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi and Hitachi. All of these air conditioning manufactures are widely known industry giants. In turn, the focus has been placed on low noise quality Residential Air Conditioning. Furthermore, their Commercial Air Conditioning applications have research developed renewable air source heat pump technology second to none.

Additionally, ECS engineers are trained in all areas of air conditioning installation. We work between the smaller residential air conditioning installation sector to large Commercial Air Conditioning installation in the public sector. Our engineers have over 40 years experience in the air conditioning installation field in central London and its surrounding towns. As a result, we can also design and install custom air conditioning systems to fit small spaces. A project manager will be able to give a solution where it may not normally be able to fit an outdoor condensing unit. This is the case in areas of London where extremely tight rules have been set in place for many years on fitting. In some cases, at an additional cost, we install acoustic noise-reducing housing to deliver zero noise dB in the space.

Small Air Conditioning Install space?

Not a problem, we will supply small single fan outdoor air conditioning systems. These systems will be capable of cooling and heat your entire home. As with all Air Conditioning Installation projects, different methods of install and design are needed. When it comes to small space custom air conditioning we do this BEST.


Still not sure?

Not sure about getting air conditioning? Why not watch our refrigeration and air conditioning contractors at work below on a residential air conditioning installation.

During the London heatwave we have been inundated with calls from desperate home owners needing relief from sleepless nights. The average temperatures in London have been  hitting all new highs. Most days in the last few weeks have been in the 30c region. It is little surprise that air conditioning installation contractors are in hot demand.

An air conditioning system can be installed in as little as 4 hours and for short time only, you can also benefit from 10% discount as well as the green deal vat reduction on your home air conditioning. Call us today and quote the code in the video.

Air Conditioning Installation Contractors in London

Air Conditioning Installation London

Bespoke Wine Cellar Cooling systems

We also provide custom refrigeration cooling systems for your Bespoke Wine Cellar projects. Furthermore, we can design your full  Basement Tanking  design and installation through our civil and build engineering partners at

DIY Interval Air Conditioning Service

Always call an experienced air conditioning service contractor for your major ac servicing obligations. It is required by FGAS regulations that a six monthly gas leak test is done. However, between your schedule service visit dates, with high use air conditioning systems its important to keep your filters clean.

Regular filter cleaning will stop the spread of dirt and bacteria. It will also increase the energy efficiency and lifespan of your system by up to 50%. Ready to reduce your energy bills and keep your environment smelling fresh and clean? Grab some disinfectant spray, washing up liquid, a hand pump sprayer then follow our video guide below. Watch our easy to follow step by step DIY guide on how to service your residential air conditioning system in a few easy steps. Click here to watch now!

Air conditioning installation tools

Clean Precision Retrofit Air Conditioning Installation

Did you know 9/10 air conditioning installations in homes that have closed walls and completely decorated are retrofit?

That’s why all of our air conditioning contractors are equipped with the latest high-end tools and equipment to make the job faster, smoother and spotless. 

The latest and greatest tools we use are by premium tool brand Makita. They are the core innovators in the world of cordless power tools. With the Makita cordless backpack vacuum and cordless drywall cutter combination, we’re able to clean up dust and debris as we cut into the walls to get inside. This allows minimal cleanup time and maximum efficiency. Less mess is always best.

This enables our contractors to get the job done faster than other companies and we ensure zero mess when we’re done. With the backpack vacuum connected to the drywall cutter, the vacuum sucks up the debris so it doesn’t get everywhere – on the floor, in the air or behind the walls. A lot of the dust and debris is unseen, especially if it’s behind the walls which can cause irritation, allergies and respiratory problems. We eliminate all of that.

Our huge range of premium-grade tools are the best in the industry and do the tasks at hand to extreme professional quality. In the hands of qualified professionals and over 50 5 star ratings on Google, we are proud of the work we achieve and take great pride in our craft. ECS provide tutorials on how to use these tools over on our HVAC Videos Page if you’re interested in learning about how we use them in an air conditioning installation situation.

Top of the range toolsets and heavily qualified professionals with decades of experience, we provide unparalleled services for the customer.

Meet The Team

As part of our unique complete transparency and trust at ECS between us and our clients, we are releasing a unique series of videos. This is so that you can meet some of the team’s key players during your London HVAC installation.

We’re a close, tight-knit group of people that work to please our clients to the best degree possible. Showing you the team allows us to show off our talent, while you can see exactly who will be working on your projects.

Craig Ellis – Project Manager

Meet The Team Our Project Manager, Craig, is not only one of the sharpest tools in the box. He’s extremely friendly, patient and has...

Tommy Hicks – Responsive Call Out and Service Engineer

Meet The Team Tommy might have the smallest van in the fleet but he has a big role in the team. As one of...

Tyran Temple – Installation Engineer

Meet The Team Meet Tyran, a fast paced engineer all the way from Australia. He claimed to be used to installing back to back...

Air Conditioning Installation London