Air Conditioning Installation Contractors in London

Here at eco climate solutions we offer complete Air Conditioning Installation, along side custom ventilation design, across London and the surrounding counties. We offer a competitive quote matching and price beating service on all quotes provided by competitors. Furthermore, we also offer a free Air Conditioning Service on all new Residential Air Conditioning installations.

Whisper quiet Air Conditioning Installation Solutions…

Air conditioning installation in London was once seen as part of the luxury home design which was only used in the summer. This has changed due to the growing congested home build sector producing heavily insulated but poorly ventilated homes. This has created a rise in the need for Residential Air Conditioning in city areas. Mostly because many new build homes have high spring and summer temperatures due to the heavy building insulation. Planning permission boards will on occasion deny air conditioning installation of the outdoor condenser part of the system which does sometimes cause delays.  However, with our help in managing this process, we often get landlords and tenants their council approval within weeks.

Our Air Conditioning Installation Services

Eco Climate solutions is a London-based Climate Control and Air Conditioning Installer of carbon footprint reducing Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Heating systems.

Eco climate solutions is an installer for manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi and Hitachi. All of these air conditioning manufactures are widely known industry giants. In turn, the focus has been placed on low noise quality Residential Air Conditioning. Furthermore, their Commercial Air Conditioning applications have research developed renewable air source heat pump technology second to none.

Eco climate solutions engineers are trainned in all areas of air conditioning installation. We work between the smaller residential air conditioning installation sector to large Commercial Air Conditioning installation in the public sector. Our engineers have over 40 years experience in the air conditioning installation field in central London and its surrounding towns. As a result, we can also design and install custom air conditioning systems to fit small spaces. A project manager will be able to give a solution where it may not normally be able to fit an outdoor condensing unit. This is the case in areas of London where extremely tight rules have been set in place for many years on fitting. In some cases, at an additional cost, we install acoustic noise-reducing housing to deliver zero noise dB in the space.

Small Air Conditioning Install space?

Not a problem, we will supply small single fan outdoor air conditioning systems. These systems will be capable of cooling and heat your entire home. As with all Air Conditioning Installation projects, different methods of install and design are needed. When it comes to small space custom air conditioning we do this BEST.


Bespoke Wine Cellar Cooling systems

We also provide custom refrigeration cooling systems for your Bespoke Wine Cellar projects. Furthermore, we can design your full  Basement Tanking  design and installation through our civil and build engineering partners at

DIY Interval Air Conditioning Service

Always call an experienced air conditioning service contractor for your major ac servicing obligations. It is required by FGAS regulations that a six monthly gas leak test is done. However, between your schedule service visit dates, with high use air conditioning systems its important to keep your filters clean.

Regular filter cleaning will stop the spread of dirt and bacteria. It will also increase the energy efficiency and lifespan of your system by up to 50%. Ready to reduce your energy bills and keep your environment smelling fresh and clean? Grab some disinfectant spray, washing up liquid, a hand pump sprayer then follow our video guide below. Watch our easy to follow step by step DIY guide on how to service your residential air conditioning system in a few easy steps.

DIY Home Air Conditioning Service - Part 1