Rapid Charging 60kw – 120kw 

Draw customers with rapid charging sessions

• All power upgrades and civil engineering works undertaken

• Allow your staff to charge for free

• 2 Year Warranty

• Smart Compatibility

• 3-phase

• 120kW

• 45/60Hz

• 120A 3phase

• APP or RFID Card

• 2 Year Warranty

• 8 " TFT Touch LCD Screen

• 4G/Ethernet

• IP 54

• CCS-2 – CHAdeMo – TYPE- 2

• Tethered 7M

• Dimensions 700x640x1815 (HxWxD, mm)

Commercial EV Charger Installation Requirements

• 3-phase
• LV connection for up to 2 rapid chargers
• HV connection with dedicated substation for more than 2 rapid chargers
• Off-street parking
• Own the property or have landlord permissions
• Data connection

Car Parks

Car parks are fantastic site locations for commercial ev charger installations.
Grounds with Safe and secure off street parking provide further ability to charge electric vehicles.

As the ev market grows rapidly year on year, so does the demand for park and charge car park networks.

Utilize existing payment charging systems in place to further expand the scope of parking services.


Supermarket car parks are ideal locations for commercial ev charger installations.
The convince of free parking while ev charging and doing the weekly shop is a
guaranteed customer attraction.
Customers expect easy and convenient public service experiences . If an EV driver can
shop and charge at the same time — this is likely to be a big attraction, and one that
keeps them returning. Smart charging subscriptions allow businesses to gain further
insight on their clients. Offer promotional deals on charging based on customer loyal

Retail Stores

Currently statics show electric vehicle owners sit in the higher income earner bracket.
Therefore, higher income earner attraction to your retail site is guaranteed with rapid charging facilites in place.

On average a 60kW Rapid charger can charge an ev to 80% within 60-120mins charge time on average.

Offering your customers the opportunity to do a full weekly charge while in your store. Retail locations see ev chargers doing back to back sessions.

The sites become the regular charging locations for the same clients.
These same clients will regularly plan their week shopping habits around the ease of park and charge


The adoption of electric vehicles is improving air quality on hospital grounds.
2021 saw the first ambulances being converted to electric.
The heavy foot fall and long parking durations found in hositals car parks make it a perfect
location for a commerical ev charger installation.


Increase your hotel’s visibility and client facilities with a commercial ev charging installation.

Booking websites such as booking.com, hotels.com and kayak.com have recently
added an electric vehicle charging filter as they’ve seen s huge increase in ev search trends.

Additionally, having EV chargers at your hotel’s put yourself on the multitude of ev
charging maps across the uk.
Our smart connectivity will allow you to bill ev charging sessions to your clients stay
and modify charging tariffs on a per hour or per kWh basis .