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0% Vat on Aircon ECS

0% VAT for the Installation of Domestic Air Conditioning in 2022

Chancellor Rishi Sunak, has announced that from April 1st 2022, 0% VAT on Aircon would be introduced to the Installation of Residential Air Conditioning Installations. The UK government hopes the introduction of 0% VAT on Aircon will encourage homeowners to make the switch to residential air conditioning heat pump technology, in a bid to lower domestic carbon emissions. Room heating and cooling, hot water, and under-floor heating can all be supplied through 0% VAT on Aircon/heat pump products. The Government hopes that the introduction of 0% VAT on installations of AC units will encourage more homeowners to opt for an installation of a home air conditioning unit over traditional boiler systems.

As a residential homeowner, how do I benefit from 0% VAT on Aircon?

On average a Residential Air Conditioning installation costs anywhere between £1,700 – £3,000 for a small room/office.

For a double bedroom an average air conditioner installation costs approximately £2,200 – £3,000.

However, now without the 5% VAT on top of your installation cost an installation that would have cost £3,000, would now cost you a total of £2,857.14 a saving of £142.86.

Now with this saving on the initial investment, there is more reason to opt for an Air Conditioning Installation.

Saving money long-term with AC and contributing to the Government’s plan for a zero-carbon emissions future.

In fact, if you have been contributing to the Government’s plan for a zero-carbon emission future you may have purchased an electric vehicle.

This saving can help you with a purchase of an EV Charger.

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Any further benefits to having an AC Install?

Air conditioning isn’t only for cooling you down in hot temperature weather conditions. An efficient air-con system is the perfect all year round climate control solution, great for heating and cooling your home or business. Helping you to maintain a snug temperature throughout all seasons!

Here are some of the many advantages:

Better air quality/health benefits with air conditioning

Air conditioning systems filter dust and pollutants out of the air in your home or business, leading to cleaner air. Dust, debris, and pollen within the air can trigger health issues like asthma and allergies. AC helps remove these triggers from the air and helps those that suffer from these conditions to breathe easier. In addition to doing this, by cooling the air on hot days, AC also will help reduce heat-related illnesses like heat stroke and exhaustion.

Air conditioning minimalizes access for insects

Insects can easily enter your home when you’re having to open all the windows to let cool air in. And these are a nuisance to keep away! Air con systems allow you to minimalize access for bugs entering your home.

An air-conditioned environment can help improve productivity

Air conditioning can help improve your productivity levels during your day-to-day tasks. Your body will be able to retain the energy it might usually use to assist in cooling you down and regulating your body temperature in hot weather. In an air-conditioned environment, your body can retain this energy, so you’ll put that extra energy into your tasks!

Better night’s sleep in an air-conditioned environment

With little control of the temperature in your bedroom it can be hard to sleep! Air-con can provide a comfortable room temperature throughout the night helping you to stay cool during the hot summer nights. Air con can also be used to stay warm this is useful during winter, where you can switch the settings onto heating and stay warm during the cold winters.

More security when using air conditioning

Are you always having to open the doors and windows in your house during summer? This will leave you prone to someone entering your home uninvited! With air-con, you wouldn’t need to worry about that. Aircon will keep your house cool without you having to open the doors and windows.

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