Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Commercial Air Conditioning from £999

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Whether an office or retail setting we can provide Commercial Air Conditioning Installation solutions from as little as £999

When it comes to commercial settings we can provide the widest choice of options.

Different types of indoor units:  wall mounted, concealed ceiling, floor stands and much more. The ideal indoor unit can, therefore, be selected and tailored to your individual  Commercial Air Conditioning Installation room requirements.

Simultaneous Heating & Cooling

Commercial Air Conditioning, like most AC systems, boasts the option of being able to cool or heat. Furthermore, we can offer Air Conditioning that goes beyond that and can heat and cool in different rooms at the same time by a single outdoor system. Our Clients have the ability to have cooling in a boardroom meeting and heating to other staff areas of the building at the same time. This is a great option for office settings with different room temperatures.

Commercial VRV Air Conditioning 

VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volumes) is typically the solution for large commercial settings. These large commercial systems are perfect heating and cooling solutions in large occupancy settings.

To provide constant stable temperatures in commercial settings it is important to have control lows and highs. This is due to the demand scale during peak operational hours and closing time. During operational hours the system may need to run at 130% whereas at closing hours it may need to perform at 20%. The ability to be able to have such a huge range in capacity allows performance and efficiency hand in hand. It’s like having a car able to reach speeds of 200mph but still, cruise at 30mph in its highest gear with no change in the ride. This is the power of the vrv system capable of running one small unit or twenty of them when all switched on at the same time.

It’s no wonder they are seen as the preferred choice of Commercial Air Conditioning Installation solutions globally.

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