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Concealed floor standing AC Unit Eco Climate Solutions

Concealed floor standing AC unit FNA-A

This concealed floor standing AC unit is designed to be concealed in walls. This AC unit is ideal for installation for retail, office, or residential applications. The concealed floor standing ac unit has a small height of 620mm enabling the unit to fit in small spaces. Combining with R-32 Bluevolution technology enables the unit to have a reduced environmental impact of 68% compared to R-410A. With Bluevolution technology, the unit can achieve lower energy consumption thanks to high energy efficiency and has up to a lower 16% refrigerant charge.

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Read on to find out more about this unit and the features that make it the perfect concealed floor standing ac unit. Also, check out our other articles on AC units and HVAC news to find the right unit for you.

Features of the Daikin The Daikin Concealed floor standing AC unit FNA-A

Compact dimensions make the unit easy to conceal in a ceiling or wall.

the low height of this AC unit enables the unit to fit perfectly beneath a window or desk. The unit’s high ESP allows flexible installation positions that you wouldn’t usually be able to fit an AC unit in are achievable with this AC unit.

Key benefits to the The Daikin Concealed floor standing AC unit FNA-A

Firstly, being discretely concealed in the wall: only the suction and discharge grilles are visible

Secondly, this unit will maintain the indoor temperature at your specified comfort level while you’re not home. This feature saves energy and is perfect for when you’re coming home from cold/hot weather outside.

Thirdly, though the unit will be hidden in the wall you will still be able to control it via the app on your mobile device.

There are many benefits to having AC in your home check out are article.

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