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FXUQ-A ceiling-suspended air conditioning unit

The FXUQ-A ceiling-suspended air conditioning unit

FXUQ-A is a unique ceiling-suspended air conditioning Daikin unit for rooms with high ceilings and no false ceiling or free floor space.

Individual flap control controlled via the wired remote controller enables the user to fix the position of each flap individually. The ability to adjust the position of the flaps makes it perfectly suited to suit any room configuration. Capabilities like individual fan control make it ideal for restaurants, shops, or offices. Buildings that want to utilise floor space will find this unit is perfectly suited to meet those demands. This unit hangs high in the ceiling leaving space for furniture, and decorations.

At ECS we have installed this unit in bars, restaurants, and more in Bromley and other areas around London

Read on to learn more about this unit and the features that make it the perfect ceiling-suspended air conditioning unit.

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Features of the FXUQ-A ceiling-suspended air conditioning unit

• Easily installed in both new and refurbishment projects.

• Reduced energy consumption due to specially developed small tube heat exchanger, DC fan motor, and drain pump.

• Automatically selects heating or cooling mode to achieve the set temperature

Key benefits to the FXUQ-A ceiling-suspended air conditioning unit

Firstly, the unit has a fan-only mode, blowing air without heating or cooling.

Secondly, presence sensors within the unit detect people in the room and direct the air away.

Thirdly, the unit excels in maintaining the indoor temperature at your specified comfort level during absence, saving energy.

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