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Daikin Air Conditioning Ducted Heat Exchanger VAM-FC

Daikin Air Conditioning Ducted Heat Exchanger VAM-FC

Buildings generally require ventilation all year round. In many ventilation systems, the conditioned air inside the building is removed when exhausted externally and new unconditioned air is brought into the building. This method leads to air being heated up / cooled down over the AC systems load and leads to a waste of energy.

However, the Daikin Air Conditioning VAM-FC system automatically balances outdoor and indoor temperature and humidity enabling the recovery of heat/cold with significant savings in running costs.

This Daikin air conditioning VAM-FC unit is the ideal system for restaurants, shops or offices. Buildings that require maximum floor space for furniture, decorations and fittings benefit from this unit.

At ECS we install this unit in stores, hotels and more contact us to book your installation.

Read on to find out more about this unit and the features that make it the perfect ducted heat exchanger ac unit. Also, check out our other articles on AC units and HVAC news to find the right unit for you.

Features of the Daikin Air Conditioning Ducted Heat Exchanger VAM-FC

  • Indoor heating, cooling and moisture recovery for energy-saving ventilation¬†
  • this unit doesn’t need drain piping
  • Prevents energy losses from over-ventilation while improving indoor air quality with an optional CO2 sensor.

Key benefits to the Daikin Air Conditioning Ducted Heat Exchanger VAM-FC

Firstly, reduced energy consumption thanks to a specially developed DC fan motor

Secondly, free cooling is possible when the outdoor temperature is below the indoor temperature.

Thirdly, the shorter installation process. Thanks to easy adjustment of the nominal air flow rate, there is less need for dampers compared to a traditional installation process.

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