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Drives will receive fines for not using aircon in their vehicles

£5,000 fines for drivers not using aircon during heatwave

Drivers have been warned about huge £5,000 fines they risk receiving for not using aircon during heatwaves.

Temperatures across the UK are set to rise well above 30 degrees. Consequently, drivers are being reminded to need to keep their vehicles well ventilated or risk being hit with a fine. Those not utilising aircon in hot weather will be breaking rule 237 of the Highway Code. Rule 237 states that drivers must have their cars “well ventilated” during hot temperatures.

Why do we need this rule on Aircon in vehicles

The rule came into effect to ensure that drivers avoid drowsiness when they’re in their vehicle. If drivers do not meet the rules put in place and subsequently lose control of their vehicle, a fine of up to £5,000 will be issued. As a result, drivers are being urged to keep their vehicles “well ventilated” using aircon as the temperatures continue to rise. This is advised so that drivers avoid becoming drowsy and lose concentration whilst at the wheel.

What else should drivers look out for?

With increasing heat temperatures, drivers have also been warned of road surface potentially becoming soft. The same applies when it rains after a dry spell of weather as the road becomes slippery. These weather conditions affect steering and braking heavily. The Highway Code also insists drivers be careful when driving in case they are dazzled by sunlight. Road users should slow down and if needed, stop driving! Although The Highway Code is not the law, many of its instructions do have legal support behind them.

How does keeping Aircon on effect vehicle efficiency?

Whilst a majority of our summers are mildly hot, you might find you don’t often use the air conditioning in your car. However, during the recent heatwaves, Aircon is a must. Have you ever wondered how much fuel your car’s air conditioning could be using?

The Air conditioning system in your vehicle will use a small amount of fuel whenever the system is running. It will increase the fuel usage by as much as 10%, and the effects are particularly noticeable on short journeys. With the rising gas and energy prices a 10% usage increase may effect you more than you expect.

For those with electric vehicles heating and air conditioning are two of the biggest features to drain the battery of your EV. Heating will cut the range by approximately 15% when you have it on full blast. Using Aircon drains the battery 11% faster than when it is not being used.

Fortunately, those with electric vehicles can stop at charging points along their journeys and take a break whist charging. Being able to charge your electric vehicle at home is essential, visit our EV Charger Installation page to get your Home EV Charger.

As well as keeping your vehicle well ventilated, it is important your home is nice and cool during the hot summer days.

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