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Spain places new rules on Air Conditioning Units Eco Climate Solutions

Changes have been made to the use of Air Conditioning Units in Spain!

There are new energy-saving measures in Spain. Hospitality venues, stores and offices are no longer allowed to set Air Conditioning Units below 27°. Shops are to keep doors closed and also have AC systems checked to ensure the systems are running efficiently.  In addition to the AC restrictions, the new measures also include switching off lights in store windows after 10 pm. Fortunately, street lighting will not be affected!

Will the new rules in Spain apply during Winter to Air Conditioning Units?

Spain has also introduced new measures which will apply in the winter months. One of the rules to affect Spain this winter is that heating within buildings cannot be set above 19°. Did you know that Air Conditioning Units can also be used for heating?

Here at ECS we carry out regular servicing and maintenance of our customers Aircon units. First of all, frequent servicing of your AC system will preserve the life of your kit. Secondly, frequent maintenance ensures you have no faults on your system, therefore helping your system to stay operational when you need it to the most! Finally, to validate your warranty, manufacturers will require proof of service history. In the event of a faults on your system you want to be covered under your warranty. If you have warranty you won’t be liable for any costly replacement parts!

Why do they need to implement these rules on Air Conditioning Units?

The Government announced the new rules on Air Conditioning Units as part of a drive to reduce energy consumption. These cuts hopefully will reduce Spain’s gas consumption by 7% also this is one of Spain’s contributions to the recent EU energy agreement to reduce gas usage by 15%. By reducing the gas usage in Spain this will avoid the dependency on Russian gas. The purpose of the gas demand reduction is to make savings ahead of winter. This is to prepare for possible disruptions of gas supplies from Russia.

The demand for Air Conditioning unit installations has shot up after a series of heatwaves recently pushed temperatures above 38°. Here in the UK, we saw temperatures of over 40°!

With the rising heat temperatures, will the UK be implementing restrictions on Aircon Units?

Are there any exceptions to the new rules on Aircon Units?

There has been strong criticism in response to the new rules, especially from the hospitality sector. Some establishments have refused to comply unless they are sanctioned. The hotel and catering industry say they have suffered the consequences of the restrictions during the pandemic. The government placing more restrictions on businesses doesn’t help their situation.

Although the government is sticking to it’s plan currently, it is now considering a compromise.

A list of establishments that will be exempt from the new rules has been published. The list includes hospitals, universities, schools, nurseries and hairdressing salons.

Bars, restaurants and certain shops will be able to use their commercial aircon units “at around 25 degrees" and not the 27 degrees originally announced.

The amended rules apply to workplaces where staff are in “physical exercise conditions". Stationary workplaces like an office or a shop where employees are not physically very active, must follow the new rules. They will be required to stick to the original 27°C air conditioning limits.

Air Conditioning Units in the UK

Although rules are being set on Air Conditioning Units in Spain, there are still numerous benefits to having your Aircon Installation here in the UK.

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