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Daikin Perfera floor standing cased AC unit

Daikin Perfera Floor standing cased AC unit

The Daikin Perfera floor standing cased AC unit is perfect for lofts with pitched ceilings and minimal wall space. The Daikin Perfera sits at low level and can be positioned underneath windows or around a room at low level, similar to a radiator. 

Do you have a loft bedroom that suffers from high temperatures?

Does your room have pitched ceilings and limited wall space?

Do you have no flat walls in the loft to accommodate a standard wall-mounted AC indoor unit?

Here at ECS, we install this floor-standing ac unit as the perfect one-day installation. The Daikin Perfera floor standing cased AC unit offers optimal heating and cooling comfort. The unit has unique heating features, excellent performance and also has Wi-Fi connectivity.

If you are someone with flat walls to accommodate a wall-mounted AC unit the Daikin Comfora – FTXP Wall-mounted AC Unit is the unit for you.

Features of The Daikin Perfera floor standing cased AC unit

  • An A++ in heating and cooling allows for seasonal efficiency. This helps promote low running costs compared to electric heating and gas boilers. Many people are making a switch to AC for the low running costs as global gas prices are seeing a record energy price cap increase of 54%. For more information on the global gas price increase check out our previous article.
  • The Perfera also has a heat boost function. This function rapidly heats up your home environment upon starting up your aircon unit. The designated temperature is reached up to 14% faster than some regular AC units (pairs only)
  • The floor warming function distributes hot air from the bottom of the unit optimizing convection. Convection is the movement of particles through a substance, transporting their heat energy from hotter areas to cooler areas.
  • The heat plus function provides 30 minutes cosy heating by simulating radiant heat.
  • A Flash Streamer built into the floor-standing AC unit emits high-speed electrons. The high-speed electrons collide and combine with the air to form four types of elements. The 4 elements are Excited Oxygen, Excited Nitrogen, OH Radical, and Oxygen Radical. Triggering these chemical reactions provides better, cleaner air, removing odours and breaking down allergens such as fungal allergens and pollen.
  • Dual air discharge promotes a better flow of air distribution from the unit.

Key benefits to the Daikin Perfera floor standing cased AC unit

  1. Firstly the Night set mode. This mode Saves energy by preventing overcooling or overheating during night time.
  2. Secondly the Perfera has a silent operational function mode. This feature puts the Outdoor/Indoor unit into silent operation. The “Silent" button on the remote control lowers the operation sound of the outdoor unit and indoor unit by 3dB(A) to ensure a quiet environment for you and your neighbourhood.
  3. Finally another feature on the Perfera is the wi-fi connectivity through the Onecta app. The Daikin Perfera floor standing AC unit is compatible with the Onecta app. Consequently, this allows you to control your indoor climate from any location via smartphone or tablet.

Get in contact with us today to get your Daikin Perfera floor-standing cased AC unit installation booked in today!