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Air Conditioning Installers - Mounting Condensers

Air Conditioning Installers recommend anti vibration condenser feet.

The condenser (outdoor unit) is the heart beat of every climate control system. Residential air conditioning systems can have the smallest condensers with the capacity to service one small room. A commercial air conditioning system can have a bank of linked condensers capable of servicing hundreds of indoor ac units

In operation multiple condensers can be very noisy despite some brilliant noise and energy efficient designs by the manufacturers. Acoustic housing costs can be high and the only way to sometimes comply with local residential planning laws.

Sound is Vibrations!

No matter how low a frequency vibrations convert in sound that can be heard and sometimes felt. When a home air conditioner is in operation, the small vibrations given off at the condenser will travel into the floor beneath. When the condenser is sat directly on a roof these vibrations will travel into the roof flooring and be heard in the property below.

Condenser feet mounts!

Experienced home air conditioning contractors always use condenser feet mounts when installing air conditioning condensing units. When performing repairs on air conditioners it is also better to have the unit directly off the floor. However, its also beneficial during air conditioning servicing to have adequate drain off when cleaning  a condenser coil. There are varying types of condenser feet mounts on the market. BIG FOOT SYSTEMS  are commonly used by large commercial air conditioning installers  in London. VRV air conditioning systems condensers weigh hundreds of kilos and while fairly quite for the duty performance, will need to be installed with the strong studying vibration free type of mounts that BIG FOOT provide.

Mounting refrigeration condensers

Bespoke wine cellar cooling systems are not as far ahead in the game of noise and energy efficiency as air conditioning manufacturers. The compressor types and mechanical parts in the design selection are more suited to duty performance (kw output) rather efficient cooling system design. It is therefore important to use anti vibration condenser feet mounts in dealing with the noise vibrations that condensers will cause. Small refrigeration condensers and small residential air conditioners will need small plastic anti vibration mounts. Mounts of this type come in lengths off 400mm – 1000mm long and can be cut to size. Commercial air conditioning in London will mostly see the use of heavy duty channel and anti vibration condenser mounting systems. Finally, make sure your selection of floor mount is suitably rated for the weight of the condenser. It may sound obvious but an under sized support system could seriously damage people and property.