Bespoke Wine Cellar

Bespoke Wine Cellar Installation


Every bespoke wine cellar design is unique and individual according to your taste. A person may want rich hardwood, hand-stitched leather with a beautiful lighting display. Another person may want Seamless glass finishes to display their magnificent collection of wines, champagnes and cigars…

Over long Wine Storage periods, the cooling effect in some bespoke wine cellars can draw the moisture out of the air creating a dry atmosphere. Furthermore, this, in turn, causes the corks in the wines to dry out, shrink and crack, allowing air in by which time your precious wines are ‘spoilt’ or ‘corked’. Cigars too if not kept in the right conditions will quickly dry out. Humidity control and energy efficient design is a key feature incorporated into all our bespoke wine cellars to alleviate this.


Bespoke Wine Cellar Cooling Systems..

It is so important you get this right! To truly call yourself a wine cellar specialist you must be qualified in climate control right?

Furthermore, if the wine is the valued product here then the understanding of how to preserve it is ultimately of paramount importance right?

What is heat?  Energy

How is this removed from the air? Evaporation

Are there different types of heat? Latent and sensible heat

How do we remove heat and not moisture? Low-temperature differences

This is where it is essential that a climate control expert, NOT a carpenter, Builder or glazer, designs your bespoke wine cellar cooling system.

An Underground Wine Cellar perhaps?

An underground wine cellar with a spiral staircase for your wine storage is the perfect way to utilise unseen unused space and keep in the theme and beautiful décor of your home. In turn, you may well increase the value of your home with an integrated wine cellar in your basement.

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