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Switching from fossil fuels systems to energy-efficient heat pumps.

At Samsung’s new energy-efficient heat pump launch event last week, the president of Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe predicted a jump in the rate of people switching to more energy-efficient heat pumps.

The Future Homes Standard requires new build homes in the UK to be future-proofed with low-carbon heating by 2025. 

Change is inevitable and we’re likely to see an acceleration in the switch from fossil fuel heating systems to more energy-efficient heat pumps.

In fact, we can see evidence of this in the heat pump market. The market has seen a large increase in the UK, growing by 64% through 2020 to 2021. Demand is clearly increasing in the UK’s residential renovation market. The EHS Mono HT Quiet demonstrates how sustainable heating systems are capable of working with the latest architectural innovation & designs.

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 Energy-efficient heat pumps compared to radiators

Many homes in the UK use radiators requiring hot water temperatures of 65°C or more to heat rooms effectively. There is a common perception that heat pumps (which normally operate at temperatures between 40°C – 60°C) won’t suffice. However, with the EHS Mono HT Quiet, that provides hot water of up to 70°C, older residential spaces using gas boilers now have an option for energy efficient heat pumps.

Samsung Climate Solutions heating product manager Joseph Raftery added that for a greener heating future the HT Quiet is a big step. As a result, helping the UK hit their Net Zero ambitions. It matches boiler water temperatures whilst being Samsung’s quietest unit yet. The unit is stress tested to reliably provide efficient heating performance in weather as low as -25°C making it more reliable. 

Benefits to energy efficient heat pumps

There are many benefits to having energy-efficient heat pumps.

Firstly, heat pumps are cheaper to run than systems based on combustion. The higher the energy efficient rating is, the better long term savings on your energy.

Secondly, heat pumps do not require all the maintenance that combustion heating systems do.

Thirdly, when experiencing hotter temperatures, heat pumps will reverse the process, acting like an ac unit.

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