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Bacteria spread in air conditioningPrevent the spread of Coronavirus through your air conditioning system.

In a recent article by The Telegraph, scientists found traces of the coronavirus in a hospital air duct. 

“The results from a swab analysis of the rooms used by three coronavirus patients indicate that the disease may be more contagious than previously thought’.

Poorly maintained air conditioning has always been known to be able to transmit deadly pathogens like the legionella virus through the spread of micro vapours attaching to its cooling coils. Legionella is a severe form of pneumonia caused by the legionella bacteria that affects the lungs and breathing, which like Corona can result in death. In 2017 we published an article on the closure of Disneyland due to a legionella outbreak caused by a spread from the Disney cooling towers carrying the bacteria. This was likely due to poor air conditioning maintenance practise resulting in an outbreak.

Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, we are urging all persons with air conditioning systems to take preventative measures. ECS is offering a coronavirus preventative three-stage deep coil cleaning service for your air conditioning. In the wake of the virus, our engineers have been equipped with masks, gloves and respiratory equipment.

The air conditioning system must be stripped down to access the cooling coil. These coils are the target treatment area to be flushed with an alkaline antibacterial disinfectant cleaner. On completion of the flush, the coils should be dried and again treated with a final stage anti-bacterial and fungus killer before switching.

We are specifically using a coil cleaning disinfectant called QX-60® which has been shown to be effective against a long list of micro-organisms that includes such feared names as Legionella, P. aeruginosa, E. coli, E. hirae, S. aureous, A. Niger and C. albicans.

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