Disinfectant anti-bacterial and anti-virus spray

Air conditioning anti-bacterial and virus spray

Easy care is a powerful DIY air conditioning anti-bacterial and virus spray that kills bacteria and viruses on contact. If you’re looking for a DIY air conditioning service solution this is the product for you. This Spray Can will treat up to three small average condition air conditioning units. If your air conditioning hasn’t been serviced in some time and is giving off a smell than we recommend using one Can per two units. Follow our video guide on how to safely use this air conditioning anti-bacterial and virus spray


Before and during the use of this product ensure you are wearing the following personal protective equipment:

Goggles – Gloves – Mask 


This spray is to be applied during the air conditioning service to the units internal cooling coil. Pop open and elevate the front plastic panel by gently pulling on the units side clips (left and right of the unit). 


  • – May require removing screws on some units.
    • Remove the visible filters from the unit.
  • – Wash the filters with warm soapy water in a sink.
  • – Leave the filters to dry.
  • – Spray the visible aluminium coil until covered fully with the white foam solution. Approx 1/2 a can.
  • – Allow the coil to sit for 10 minutes.
  • – Slowly rinse by pouring a 2litre bottle of water across the front of the coil.
  • – Replace the filters.
  • – Shut the front plastic panel.

If you are unsure call for help 02080570070.