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Daikin Comfora - FTXP Wall-mounted AC Unit

Daikin Comfora – FTXP Wall-mounted AC Unit

A Discrete unit providing high efficiency and comfort. The Daikin Comfora – FTXP wall-mounted AC Unit is perfect for those who have flat walls to accommodate a wall-mounted AC unit. The unit’s dimensions are compact making it ideal for renovation projects. Especially for above-door installations. With a sleek minimalist design paired with the unit’s practically inaudible system you almost forget it’s even there.

Here at ECS, we can install your Daikin Comfora – FTXP Wall-mounted AC unit in one-day! If this sound like the AC Unit for you be sure to contact us.

Features of the Daikin Comfora – FTXP AC Unit

A Silver air purifying and allergen removal filter captures allergens such as pollen. This ensures a consistent supply of clean air. Onecta app (optional): The unit comes with a handheld controller but can be fitted with a WIFI module adapter. The adapter adds the feature of Wi-Fi control. The Onecta app enables you to control your AC unit from your smartphone. This can be used in any location via your local network or the internet.

WIFI control is a brilliant add on feature. WIFI features will enable compatibility with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant therefore you can control main functions using voice command such as set point, operation mode, fan speed, etc.

On another note the Daikin Comfora uses the refrigerant R-32. By choosing an R-32 product you are reducing your environmental impact by 68%. Compared to if you chose a model that uses R-410A. The R-32 refrigerant leads directly to lower energy consumption thanks to its high energy efficiency.

In fact, the Daikin Comfora – FTXP AC Unit is highly energy efficient as it has a seasonal efficiency valued at up to A++ in cooling and heating.

Key benefits to the Daikin Comfora – FTXP AC Unit

  • Firstly, the 3D air flow combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing to circulate a stream of warm or cool air right to the corners of even large spaces. A horizontal auto swing feature enables you to select automatic horizontal moving of the air discharge louver, for uniform air flow and temperature distribution. You can also select automatic vertical moving of the air discharge flaps for efficient air and temperature distribution throughout the room.
  • Secondly, different modes to help save money and reduce energy consumption. Econo mode lowers power consumption allowing other appliances that need large power consumption to be used. This function is also energy-saving. Night set mode helps saves energy, by preventing overheating or overcooling during the night.
  • Thirdly a Space-saving contemporary wall-mounted design makes for a an easy to installation.

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