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Comfort cooling - Fitting the mains power isolator

Comfort Cooling and Power Supply Installations

Only a qualified electrician or technically trained individual should under take electrical installation work. Qualified comfort cooling engineers should undertake small residential air conditioning installations. Additionally, the electrical installation  must be signed off and tested by an appropriately qualified person if coming from the main fuse board. If the power supply is coming from a pre-existing supply (e.g ring mains), it is still advised a qualified electrician confirms you will not over load the supply. Furthermore, over loading any electrical supply is a serious fire hazard that can result in melting cables and main fuse boards catching fire.

Electrical Design

All power supplies must be designed to factor in the overall load carried. Additionally factor in running diversity. The size of the power supply cable used should be able to carrying the load of the equipment taking power from it. Within Commercial air conditioning in London, power supplies carry heavy loads of 24hr operational use. The size of the supply cables are therefore great in size and supplying voltages of 400v up.

Back up power supplies

Data centers, Hospitals, Governments buildings, public transport would all be at risk of serious danger to people and even economies if they had a power out. It is essential that in the event of a power cut that a commercial air conditioning systems can still operate. Examples of some critical scenarios:

Data/Server centers – servers would overheat and shut down in minutes if the HVAC systems were to stop. Good bye to your online social life of  Facebook/Google/Whatsapp + the rest.

Hospitals –  Laboratories storing live organs, live human cells, cooling and ventilation for life support areas/machinery.

Bespoke Wine cellar cooling 

In a basement wine cellar the cooling, ventilation and sump pump taking away ground water must critically have continual power. The loss of power could lead to flooding and serious climate control issues resulting in losing the wine and space. A typical wine collection seen in a collectors home can be hundreds of thousands of pounds not including the cost of the joinery. Therefore, uninterrupted and correctly sized back up electrical installations with failure alarms, are just as important in homes.


Uninterrupted Power Supply! A commercial battery back up supply system.  It powers an entire building when there is a split second loss in power. This type of system is seen in use in many of the above settings. The largest we have ever seen was at the ITV news center in central London. The importance of continual power supply in a building like this goes without saying. It is therefore critical all the cable design, mains boards and local isolators are all correctly sized.

Selecting the correct Isolator

The Isolator sizing means the physical terminals inside can carry the amps across them. An incorrect size will melt and catch fire. An efficient comfort cooling system will need to able to draw the required operational current to allow it to perform correctly. Rotary Isolators are the preferred style of outdoor switching used for air conditioning installation in London. In our video attached we show the installation of a 20amp rotary Isolator with a Daikin air conditioning condenser. The mains supply comes from the local ring mains, suitable for small home ac systems.

Get help

Use this video as a guide, however, only qualified persons should handle electrical installations. Furthermore, if you still plan on having a go with a simple local supply, please get confirmation from a professional that it is safe to do so. Additionally, get your local ring mains supply tested to confirm the addition of more appliances is available. A small home air conditioner ,up to 5kw comfort cooling, will generally be fine to put on a domestic ring main. The current requirements for anything above, would need to have a new supply ran from your mains supply board.

Watch our video on how to install the mains power Isolator on a 2Kw wall mounted air conditioning system. For help with air conditioning installation in London contact Eco Climate Solutions to assist you today. You could also comment below. One of our engineers will respond with a recommendation.