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Battle Hay Fever With Aircon Installation

Why is Hay fever trending?

Hay fever is a hot topic of conversation across social media. However, an Aircon Installation will facilitate your battle against hay fever. It is no surprise that many people are experiencing hay fever for the first time this year. There has been a surge in the number of individuals who report experiencing its symptoms on social media. In fact, Google trends for hay fever show a record high with double the number of searches for the condition in the UK in comparison to 5 years ago. There has been a steady rise in hay fever cases over the last few decades, supposedly linked to modern living. However, experts claim lockdowns and global warming may have sped up the trend.

What is the reason for the rise in hay fever?

There are a lot of theories as to why we have seen such a rise in hay fever. With one particular theory taking over social media. An article from Atlas Obscura talks about how Urban areas are populated by male trees ‘Botanical Sexism’. In 1949 the USDA Yearbook of Agriculture suggested that cities plant male trees to stop the annoyance of seeds falling on the streets and sidewalks. As a result, due to planting more male trees and limited female trees, pollen has been overbearing.

Another theory referred to as the ‘hygiene hypothesis’ implies our immune systems are more sensitive to allergens like pollen because we are exposed to fewer germs. A lack of social contact during the pandemic has weakened our bodies further, while there is evidence climate change has prolonged the pollen season.

How can an Aircon Installation help me against hay fever?

Getting yourself an Aircon Installation is great for multiple reasons, here’s how it will help you against hay fever. Pollen within the air can trigger hay fever, air-con units filter pollutants out of the air in your environment, leading to cleaner air. As air passes through the filter in your Aircon Installation, many triggers of allergies are removed. In fact, an Aircon Installation you will also be able to help with health issues like asthma.

There are many advantages to getting an Aircon Installation, not just filtering the air. Read up on more advantages of having AC in our previous article here.

Come to us at ECS to get your Aircon Installation and fight against hay fever.