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Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning services in the city of London have been in place as far back as new build development began (last 50years). HVAC and more specifically, Air conditioning was seen as an attractive luxury selling point in the past, however not so much with current developers. How has this happened you may ask? 

It seems the developer’s profit margins now form the sole basis of the decision to implement adequate climate control. How has this therefore specifically affected the new residential apartment build market? 


Residential air conditioning and new build apartments

In the last decade, ECS has witnessed a rise in new build apartment enquires for residential air conditioning. The design focus of the big UK developers has become build them fast and build them HIGH. A previous one-bed apartment is now a two bed and a two-bed a three-bed. The increase in occupancy and increased number of floors greatly impacts the latent heat build-up in these apartments. Firstly the higher you go the more solar gain impacting the building. Then the build materials used, that speed up the construction time, have poor insulation qualities meaning the use of heavy insulation is needed alongside. These materials inhibit the ability for the natural breathing of the building that bricks, motor and timber allow. In turn, these apartments with their small balconies or no outdoor space, make it impossible to retrofit home ac after they have been built. 


Even the most experienced home air conditioning contractors will be stuck finding a solution for a top floor apartment built within a glass and metal frame structure. More often, there is no outdoor space. Additionally, the freeholder will not always give permission to implement any holes to the building walls. 

We have experienced clients who have sold their apartments due to the 28c+ stuffy year-round climate in them. Even during the winter months, underfloor heating pipes and services generate enormous amounts of heat. 

“These and the rising heat in the building meant our floor was a continual furnace” Kingsley

Apartments built up in city areas that have main roads, high pollution, and nearby surrounding railways. 

Existing old broken down air conditioning?

At ECS we get contacted to repair old commercial air conditioning systems that due to its design and location within a building cannot be removed. 

We can provide full overhaul air conditioning services replacing all or some of the internal main components. We offer reconditioning services of ac compressors and fan motor re-winding services for large custom applications where parts are no longer available. In the video link below we demonstrate an insulation test performed on an old ducted ac fan motor. The remedial works were flagged after a full air conditioning service on-site. The motor was needed to run for another three months during the client’s end of a tenancy. The windings insulation passed the test, however, the bearings and shaft were later changed and fan motor put back in operation. 

Require the need for help with retrofit services and repair to your existing failed air-conditioning climate control plant? Feel free to contact us today.