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air conditioning service - how to guide on serving your air conditioning at home with video and step by step instructions

Air Conditioning Servicing

It is important to clean your Residential Air Conditioning (or air conditioning units) filters and regularly clean the coils with disinfectants. Irregular air conditioning service will lead to the build of deadly legionnaires within the coils. 

In between your contractual air conditioning service take the following steps to keep your new Air Conditioning Installation performing safely and at its best.

To service your Air Conditioning units follow this simple safe how-to guide:

  • Pop open and elevate the front plastic panel up by gently pulling on the units side clips (left and right of the unit)
  • Remove the visible filters from the unit.
  • Wash the filters with warm soapy water in a sink.
  • Leave the filters to dry.
  • Soak the internal coil of the unit with an anti-corrosive disinfectant spray solution.
  • Allow the coil to sit for 10 minutes.
  • Replace the filters.

Shut the front panel. It’s that easy! Watch our short video guide on the link below of how to complete this step by step.

Don’t forget the outdoor unit also, here is part 2 of the service.

A regular air conditioning contract will cost £50 – £100 per indoor unit as a guide. The service company will provide you with a checklist log of completed service tasks. To maintain your warranty, especially Commercial Air Conditioning, you will need recorded maintenance logs to validate any claims. Fgas laws also require a registered Refcom engineer to perform refrigerant gas log records. Records are required by environmental law, for the safe handling of refrigerant gases. In turn, this information is therefore recorded as part of a major air conditioning service. 

At Eco Climate Solutions we provide a free one year service on all new split Residential Air Conditioning works. Air Conditioning units not serviced in over 6 months will develop nasty bacteria. Air Conditioning needs to be checked for gas leaks or you will face environmental law fines when no record is held. In addition, your Air conditioning unit will cost you more to run when it needs a service. Eco Climate Solutions offer minor servicing at £50 per indoor unit and will also provide a report of any further works that may be necessary. A major service is £100 per indoor unit or a day rate to service as many units as you have on-site. For a free service or initial call-out on your existing Air conditioning system Complete Our Instant Air Conditioning Installation Quote….