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Health Benefits of HVAC Systems 

HVAC systems have positive health implications

Air conditioning is seen in different lights by varied groups of people. When it comes to those scorching hot days when the sun actually decides to do its job, its a blessing to have air conditioning to help counter the heat. However, in the Eco world, it has a slightly less perfect notoriety. There are countless articles online written by air conditioning critics about health hazards, which are untrue and misleading. However, at Eco Climate Solutions we believe in spreading factual information about HVAC Systems. (HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

As London’s leading Air Conditioning installers we are all about spreading facts and ensuring the customer that they aren’t at risk by getting a home air conditioner.

So what ARE the health benefits of HVAC Systems?

HVAC Systems relieve respiratory conditions

1 in 11 people in the United Kingdom has asthma. Sufferers of asthma and other respiratory ailments are less likely to suffer when in the presence of an air conditioning system. Regular HVAC serviced units, will provide much cleaner air. A clean ac unit gets rid of airborne irritants that cause asthma to worsen.

Invariable temperature is healthy for you

Some people don’t believe that when body temperature changes frequently it will cause illness. Warming up, or cooling down requires the body to use energy to standardise its core temperature. Doing this for extended periods of time on a regular basis can lead to protracted lethargy. This constant tiredness can have detrimental effects on your immune system. HVAC systems cultivate a regular room temperature which allows the body to preserve energy and let the immune system focus on safeguarding your body!

Speaking of health, air conditioners help mitigate the possibility of heat stroke in summer! HVAC systems feature in most offices as employees spend hours in these buildings. Heat stroke is a serious thing so air conditioning, in this case, is a bona fide lifesaver.

Purging miasma and bad odours

No one wants to be surrounded by nauseating odours or fumes all day, especially if there’s an underlying reason such as improperly stored sanitation chemicals. If in these environments for sustained periods of time, chemical particulates in the air can cause adverse health implications. A ventilation system will effortlessly deal with fumes and bad odours, leaving you healthy and out of harm’s way.

Fluctuations in humidity can be a detriment to your health 

In addition to constant changes in temperature, humidity is another key player when it comes to health. HVAC systems maintain a suitable humidity as if levels are too high this will cause bacteria and lethal microorganisms to cultivate. This can be extremely treacherous. On the flip-side, profoundly low humidity produces dry air. Stale air is provocative to sufferers of skin conditions and isn’t great for your sinuses. As you can probably guess by the common trend, air conditioning prevents the humidity from shifting.

HVAC systems do a lot more for your health as opposed to damaging it. However, Air conditioning systems both commercial and residential need the correct HVAC maintenance to stay clean and provide fresh air.

Be Cautious!

If HVAC systems aren’t looked after and serviced correctly deadly bacteria can develop, such as Legionella. Legionnaires is a form of pneumonia with numerous symptoms including muscular discomfort, increased body temperature, sore throat and coughing, shortness of breath, nausea (vomiting) and mental unstableness (confusion). The first significant occurrence of the Legionnaires disease was in 1976 at an American Legion Convention in Pennsylvania. A total of 221 guests came down ill with the disease and subsequently, 34 people tragically lost their lives.

Legionella features so prominently in the HVAC world as it’s most commonly found in large water cooling towers and Air Conditioning units. Legionella is definitely something you want to avoid at all costs, which is why maintenance and servicing are so important. Air conditioning contractors are also able to inform you of the risk of Legionella and prepare an assessment. An easy way to tell you when your unit is overdue for inspection is if there is stagnant water anywhere you think there shouldn’t be.

Overall, HVAC systems are great additions to houses. They save you money on your bills, keep you cool on hot days and can literally save your life.