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Is Using Air Conditioning Causing Arthritis?Does Using Air Conditioning  Really Cause Arthritis?

Don’t listen to the myths… Here is why.

Arthritis is a degenerative and extremely painful inflammatory condition that affects your joints.

Any doctor will tell you that arthritis isn’t caused by temperature nor air conditioning installation. The cause is all of the wear and tear your body goes through overtime. The cushioning in the joints wears down causing stiffness, limited motion and pain. Other painful side effects include swelling and redness.

This myth stems from research which indicated exposure over prolonged periods to overtly cold temperatures has a negative effect on the body’s immune system. People that remain in extremely cold environments may notice repository irritation, headaches, rheumatism and pneumonia. When using air conditioning, these issues can be exacerbated if your system is oversized, poorly set and abused. It is, therefore, less of causation and more of a side effect of air conditioning abuse.

Setting the temperature too low in which the room remains uncomfortably cold can be as dangerous as sitting out in the sun for hours resulting in having a heatstroke.

Extreme weather and temperature conditions either side of the spectrum will have a negative effect on the body. Our body has a core internal average temperature of around 37.0 °C (98.6 °F), though it marginally fluctuates in people. This depends on things like sex, age and even menstrual cycle.

Throughout the day the temperature will change based on activity and even what you have eaten.  It is ideal to maintain a temperature between 36.1°C to 37.2°C. When you expose your body to extremely hot or cold external temperatures, the body uses a lot of energy trying to keep up. The body will work to keep cool in the heat. Additionally, it will work to warm up in the cold to maintain it’s core temperature. This internal activity will render the immune system weaker over time.

But Using Air Conditioning For Temperature Regulation Can Help As Well As Hinder.

When it comes specifically to arthritis, the temperature is key, specifically the cold when the pain feels like a boring sensation.

The NHS advises hot and cold therapy with the use of heat (warm long baths for example) and cold treatment (ice packs or frozen peas).

Temperature plays a large role in the pain relief cycle, thus the use of air conditioning can in fact help elevate some of the symptoms of arthritis. When it is too hot outside, having your residential air conditioning set to a reasonable and comfortable temperature will ensure you avoid heatstroke and unnecessary swelling which causes joint pain. Using air conditioning doesn’t have to be scary and if you are ready to put what we are saying to the test then get an instant air conditioning installation quote today and get our team of air conditioning contractors out to install your new system.