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How to ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly this winter

Preparing your HVAC system for winter

The temperatures have dropped and Christmas is around the corner. Perhaps you will be preparing for visits from family and friends, naturally, you want to welcome them into a warm home. As a result, you will be utilising your HVAC system more regularly.

Keeping the environment at a consistently comfortable temperature for everyone at home or work will be essential for many people. With this temperature change, you will want to insure your HVAC system is performing at optimal efficiency to meet everyone’s needs. Consequently, you will want to undergo these few simple checks on your HVAC system’s most important parts. These checks will help ensure you’re comfortable for the winter.

Schedule routine check-ups for your HVAC system

Going through the following steps will help you to keep your home or workplace warm and comfortable throughout the winter. Alternatively, you can schedule routine checkups with some installers. At ECS we other maintenance contracts to those looking for this kind of service. Contact us here to find out more about our maintenance services.

Routine check-ups will also help you make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently for summer periods. While following these steps you may notice a problem with your system contact us here for any repairs.

Taking care of your external unit

Firstly, your external air conditioning unit is most prone to a drop in performance during bad weather and cold conditions. Debris and dirt blowing onto your external unit affect its ability to take in air and run efficiently.

Regular checks will ensure no obstruction such as leaves and rubbish can build up around your external unit assisting your system in operating effectively.

Cleaning the filter in your HVAC system

Secondly, your AC filter is one of the many important parts of your HVAC system. A clean filter ensures the air dispelled into your environment comes out clean and free from mould, dust, and bacteria. This means you can breathe fresh air and remain at a comfortable temperature.

We recommend cleaning your filter regularly and getting it changed twice a year.

When filters clog up with dirt/dust the HVAC unit has to work harder to maintain performance.

Keeping your filters clean will positively affect your energy bills.

For more information on how AC will help you save on energy bills check out the article below.

Eco-friendly air conditioning. How has AC become more eco-friendly?

Checking the coils and fans in your HVAC system

Thirdly, the coil in your air conditioning unit ensures the air dispensed from the unit is warm enough to heat your environment. The fins on your air conditioning unit control the direction in which the air is being dispensed, check your fins to insure warmth is evenly distributed.

Following all the steps above will ensure your HVAC system will run smoothly this winter, and you have no problems when preparing for guests this Christmas!

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Lastly, thank you and Merry Christmas from everyone here at ECS.