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Heating and Air Conditioning Is London's New Power CoupleIt is officially the end of summer and what better way to storm into winter with one system that provides you with heating and air conditioning all in one! As we slowly creep into winter and enjoy all of the cosy perks the cooler seasons have to offer you would be forgiven for not having air conditioning in your thoughts. However, before you head towards the thermostat to crank up the heat ready for a day of hot chocolate and Netflix, pause and read on. Heating and air conditioning have long been considered opposing functions. Thanks to developments in technology from brands such as Daikin, modern air conditioning systems reverse the cooling cycle. Therefore, this function creates a toasty warm heated environment making heating and air conditioning the ultimate power couple.

What’re The Statistics? Can Heating and Air Conditioning Work Together?

Heating and Air Conditioning… That’s Fire and Ice no? You wouldn’t expect your fridge to also heat your food at the flick of a switch. ..So how does it work with your climate control?

Unlike primitive refrigeration cycles that work as a single cooling component, heating and air conditioning systems work using 2 components. Therefore the indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit via refrigerant pipes and connecting communications cables. The systems work using 3 basic components.

  1. Source of air
  2. Means of distributing the air
  3. Control that regulates the distribution.

When set, the system electronically either heats or cools. How? Depending on the setting thanks to the reversing valve which simply reverses the flow of thermal energy.

Is it worth the investment?

Apart from the obvious space-saving benefits of a multi-purpose system, there are more benefits to the installation of heating and air conditioning systems. London is only ever irregularly blessed with heat that warrants air conditioning. These systems hit 2 birds with one stone. While installation can be more expensive than a traditional boiler powered heating system, over time the heat pump can actually save you money. Additionally, the technology of a heat pump is designed to use less energy to heat your home thus giving this system both economic and environmental advantages. Furthermore, under the Green Deal, a residential installation of heating and air conditioning heat pump systems can save as much as 15% on the vat bill from your local air conditioning installation contractor.

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