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At ECS, we specialise in long-term preventative Air Handling Unit Maintenance. Often we are called to neglected sites which have been left to decay with issues that compound over time. In our latest YouTube video, our service manager, Darren explores some key and unfortunate all too often normal conditions of unserviced commercial systems. Watch below to see before and after pictures as well as the service process. 

Air Conditioning vs Air Handling Unit

You can be forgiven for thinking that an Air Handling Unit is just a large scale Commercial Air Conditioning InstallationAn Air Handling Unit (AHU) is configured with a multitude of functions. They can offer cooling and heating diversity of 9kw to 250kw. These types of systems maintain both temperate and air quality using filters, fans and coils. While air conditioning predominantly works on temperature, AHU systems integrate ventilation to manage air movement. 

What is Air Handling Unit Maintenance?

 Commercial Air Handling Units require regular and thorough maintenance to ensure efficient running whilst it circulates, extracts and conditions the air. The components are specifically designed for the application. However, a commonality of all systems is the requirement of an Air Handling Unit Maintenance visit regardless of the design. Air filtration is one of the key components of an AHU system. The life of a filter is dependant on how heavily space and system are used. All the dirty filters are replaced in an Air Handling Unit Maintenance visit. This could be required, bi-annually, quarterly and even monthly. Additionally, the coils and housing are treated using an anti-bacterial cleaner. When these systems are neglected over long periods, they become saturated with dirt and pollutants.  The toxic conditions of this environment become the ideal breeding ground for bacteria which negatively affects your health. Typically titled " sick building syndrome" the pollutants increase symptoms of asthma with long-term adverse health effects. This contamination is associated with meningitis, urinary tract infections and even septic arthritis.

The Air Handling Unit Maintenance Checklist

Aside from preventing a clogged up system, it is also important to ensure that individual components of the AHU are functioning as per the specification. Important checkpoints are:

  • Air Damper Function (make sure they are opening and closing to allow for changes in airflow
  •  Valves – such as the differential pressure control valves (it is important to make sure that the valves are not malfunctioning as this is what controls the outlet of air when triggered by the sensor preventing simultaneous heating and cooling.)
  • Fan belt condition (check for wear and tear/splits and alignment)
  • Drains ( drains get clogged with debris which ultimately causes leaks over time)

A responsible HVAC service contractor should be regularly servicing your system to ensure it is running reliably, efficiently and most importantly, safely. This preventative Air Handling Unit Maintenace will delay and even possible avert remedial issues such as fan corrosion and even complete system failure. Finally ready for an AHU service? Contact the sales team now. AHU