HVAC Design and Consultancy

You may be in need of our HVAC Design and Consultancy services if you suffer from the common symptoms below:

  • Does your building feel stuffy?
  • Are your staff complaining of feeling drowsy throughout the day?
  • Does your building feel like there is no temperature change, even though you have made adjustments?
  • Have you cleaned your filters but you are still experiencing the same problems?

These are common problems that often are present within bad building design and poor on site maintenance. Often at ECS we see commercial sites that have been heavily neglected when it comes to building maintenance. When large commercial sites do not have the correct maintenance procedures in place or have a system that has not been correctly maintained, this can be detrimental to the whole system. Ultimately resulting in an unbalanced system, with restricted air flow throughout. When the system is not balanced correctly or running efficiently, this can cause individual components to be overworked and eventually fail leading to increased repair or replacement part costs.Ā 

HVAC Design and consultancy, what is it?

ECS HVAC Design and consultancy offers an intrusive investigation into finding the underlying problems in your building design. ECS will document the core problems and present to you, along with a remedial action plan. From time to time remedial works documented from our consultancy findings have resulted in the original contractors having to return to site to rectify the issues.Ā Proving design flaw areas in original design works can enable a quick clear process of accountability.

Have you checked your Building Management System (BMS) for any faults and what is a BMS System?

BMS stands for Building Management System. The function of this system allows the daily operation and monitoring of your building in an efficient and cost effective way. The BMS system does this through a computer that will be set up specifically for the building with software made specifically for monitoring operation and remote adjustments. The BMS will control plant equipment such as Air Handling Units, Chilled Water BalancingFan Coil units, Chiller operation, pumps boilers and fire alarms within your building’s system. With the BMS controlling all of this, it also measures temperatures within specific areas inside and outside of your building. The BMS can also measure air flow with the right sensors connected.

How will i know if our premisesĀ is in need of Building Maintenance?

Your BMS system may require adjustments to help improve the air flow within your building. Also we may be required to upgrade or downgrade different components within your system, to suit the building’s operations.Ā In turn the benefits of doing this could result in increased productivity of your employees due to less days off sick from work. Also a reduction in staff breaks due to drowsiness and a more energy efficient running building, therefore reducing your everyday running costs. Once we have identified the core problems, ECS will document these and present to you. In addition to receiving the findings of your buildings status you will also receive the remedial action to move forward.

  • What physical tasks will we perform?

Firstly we will visit your site and assess the current buildings operation system in situ. It is also important for us to test the air quality of your fresh air supply and test the air pressure being supplied to the building.Ā Where there are fan coil units in place, we can test and balance your water and air flow rates throughout your whole system.

  • Do you have a false ceiling?

Your fresh air supply and extract changes happen here! We can measure your air changes in L/S to ensure that your air is not lacking in clean oxygen. This is what can result in staff members feel drowsy throughout the day.

  • Have you made adjustment to your building but have seen no improvement?

This could be due to design flaws in the original build. ECS Consultancy can provide and build a Thermal Model of the building using IES-VE software. This software helps us to discover what the heating and cooling codes and requirements are for your building. We will then use the existing drawings against our findings to finally determine what remedial actions need to be taken.

What does our HVAC Design and Consultancy service offer?

ECS Consultancy will check your heating and water system to determine whether your system needs balancing. We will check regulating valves and use a Digital Water Flow metreĀ as part of our Chilled Water Balancing service. This will also verify our findings off the back of the thermal model of your building. ECS will also be able to highlight key areas that need further amendments. If we find that your regulation values are off set, we can use our digital flow metre along with manufacture information to set your system to the correct design specification.

For more information on our HVAC Design And Consultancy Services or to discuss your existing HVAC design, get in touch with one of the team today on : 0208 037 5757.