Bespoke Wine Cellar Cooling Installation

Do you need help with your Bespoke Wine Cellar Cooling? ECS engineers are not only fully qualified in Residential Air Conditioning Installation, but they also specialise in Wine Cellar Cooling. When it comes to integrating climate control into your Bespoke Wine Cellar, it is essential to have the correct application to preserve your commodity. 


There is more to custom climate control than just using Air Conditioning Installation contractors to fit a Residential Air Conditioning Installation unit. When it comes to wine storage over the duration of long periods, incorrect cooling applications within a Bespoke Wine Cellar will draw the moisture out of the air. This creates a dry atmosphere which ultimately will dry the wine corks out and finally result in the corks beginning to shrink and crack. This allows air into the wine bottles, causing your precious wines to ‘spoil’ and ‘cork’. Not to mention your cigar collection could also be damaged should the environment they are stored within not offer the correct climate-controlled conditions. When not kept within the right conditions, Cigars will quickly dry out. Humidity control and energy-efficient design is the key feature incorporated into all bespoke wine cellars to alleviate this. 


Bespoke Wine Cellar Cooling Systems… 

It is important you get the cooling system right! A wine cellar specialist must be qualified in climate control and the understanding of heat removal so as to correctly store your wine. Furthermore, if the wine is the valued product here then the understanding of how to preserve it is ultimate of paramount importance. 


Ask the following questions as part of your wine cellar design consultation: 

What temperature should I store wine? Why?
What will the temperature fluctuations be at which the cooling system will perform in operation?
Which humidification system is best? What level of humidity should be present at what temperatures?
Will the humidification system use demineralised water or mains water? 


Any bespoke wine cellar cooling system installer, should therefore be able to answer the following questions: 

What is heat? Energy.
How is energy removed from the air? Evaporation.
Are there different types of heat? Latent and sensible heat.
How do we remove heat and not moisture? Low-temperature differences.