Tommy Hicks – Responsive Call Out and Service Engineer

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  • On 31st July 2018
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Tommy might have the smallest van in the fleet but he has a big role in the team.

As one of our responsive call out engineers, he is responsible for servicing, repairing and maintaining your air conditioning system. 

Why do we need him?

How often do you service your air conditioning? Did you know that a blocked up filter can make you sick? It’s finally summer and the weather has been nothing short of a tropical heatwave but if you have been suffering with pollen attacks, red eyes, stuffy noses and headaches then put a stop to it now. A clean air conditioning system helps eliminate external allergens such as pollen making your air cleaner and your head a little less congested.

Call Out and Service Engineer

His main roles? Diagnosing faults and repairing systems on call outs ranging from a leaky condensate pump to faulty PCB board. But that isn’t all he has in his toolbox, as an F-Gas qualified engineer Tommy has no issue jumping onto installation. With a role as diverse as his skill set, Tommy, as with all our responsive call out and service engineers is ready for anything. 

System in need of a service? Put him to the test today.

Tommy Hicks - Responsive Call Out and Service Engineer

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