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Darren Touzalin -Service Manager

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  • On 18th October 2018
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Service Manager

At ECS, we specialise in long-term preventative maintenance. Often we are called to neglected sites which have been left to decay with issues that compile over time. In our latest YouTube video, our service manager Darren, explores some key and unfortunately, frequently seen poor conditions of unserviced Commercial Systems.  The standard service practice of other companies when it comes to maintenance, sees nothing more than a filter change. Furthermore, service engineers rarely have an understanding of systems in their entirety. Consequently, commercial systems deteriorate needing total replacement. 

In a highly competitive industry, saturated with installers, Eco Climate Solutions’ team is growing with specialists in specific HVAC applications. The spearhead of our commercial service team, Darren Touzalin is a well-rounded authority of commercial mechanical plant. 

With large-scale commercial maintenance contracts involving  Chilled Water Systems, Server Room Down Flow units, Air Handling Unit maintenance and Ventilation Systems, our service manager boasts a depth of knowledge in:

As a responsible leader, he manages to liaise with clients, whilst additionally overseeing a team of service engineers. His site management skills speak for them self. Entrusted with large-scale commercial projects and as a result, our clients turn to him and our team for maintenance, repair and upgrading of office, Server Room, school and hospital HVAC plant in and around London.  

As an F-gas qualified engineer with 15 years experience in the industry. Darren is constantly dealing with a range of problems. One main reoccurring issue is “Sick building syndrome”. Darren is tasked with treating neglected systems for Legionella, an airborne bacterial contamination that can have serious impacts on health. Totally preventable and often linked to water-based systems in places such as commercial humidifiers. Correct service will avoid costly remedial works ranging from water disinfectant treatments to basic remedial and above all, tank refurbishment or replacement. 

A trusted and reliable site manager, Darrens very well known in the HVAC industry. Additionally, Darren is an industry trainer for Commercial Chiller Systems. Furthermore, with CIBSE water balancing qualifications, hydrocarbon training and substation awareness, his knowledge tackles most acute aspects of commercial HVAC engineering. 

Therefore, if your building is also suffering from neglect, unbalanced water flow, broken Server Room systems and blocked clog filters do not wait!

Want to challenge his skills? Call today. Still not convinced? Watch Darren at work on the video below. 

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