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Craig Ellis – Project Manager

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  • On 31st July 2018
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When it comes to London HVAC installation, Craig is our Industry expert. Craig is not only one of the sharpest tools in the box. He’s extremely friendly, patient and has been in the industry for over 18 years so he knows everything there is to know about Air Conditioning. From barriers that can occur during installation, to the best units you can use – you can rest assured that your installation or repair is in the best of hands!

London HVAC installation

Part of our code of ethics at Eco Climate Solutions is to make sure the customer is completely satisfied, so we always offer the best possible solution within the available budget. Craig is in charge of making sure the budget is set in stone so that there are no unexpected charges which a lot of other companies startle clients with. We care about the customer – and Craig makes sure they’re catered for.

First and foremost, all London HVAC installation will require a thorough survey of the area to analyse the situation. This will typically be the responsibility of the Project Manager. This is to assess the work needed and the total complete cost will be calculated. He always keeps the customer’s budget in mind and will always offer the best possible solution within that budget.

Project Manager

Craig’s duties extend beyond simply surveying an area before installation. He manages all job sites with installation and repair works every day. If there are any hurdles the team encounter on the way, Craig’s vast experience in the industry allows him to swiftly troubleshoot and fix the issues at hand.

As the visionary of the team, Craig dictates how and where the HVAC installation will go (adhering to client briefings). Where the piping and wiring will run, how it can be accessed, etc. Craig is especially vigilant when it comes to tidiness, you can be sure that it will be a clean installation. Complete with a modern finished look when done. This is especially important in London HVAC installation.

Whether it’s a Commercial Air Conditioning Installation or a Residential Air Conditioning , Craig always puts the same amount of effort into every single project.

Watch our latest video here on youtube where we meet Craig and follow his typical day at work.

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