Legislation for Climate Change Falls Short

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New EU legislation to lower fuels bills bring a mixed response from UK parliament after negotiators agreed a draft law early on Thursday to tackle government energy efficiency. The watered down agreement is looking to bring a 15 % saving by 2020 as opposed to the 20% originally formally targeted, as current legislation would have only brought 9%.

With potential to overhaul the business model for utilities in Europe finally agreed after negotiations were thrashed out, it still needs to be formalised by EU ministers. The directive looks to reduce fuel bills while also cutting gas and oil imports however the UK could have potentially reached the 20% from the original draft, with the deal being  a missed opportunity in the battle for climate change as well as economy, with investment in renewable energy long term benefits potentially saving billions in bills. Will this slack approach to driving hard legislation to benefit emission output set a precedent for Rio 20? We hope not.

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